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MDCN Identity & Website


I worked with Peter Crnokrak on a number of independent study projects while he was student in our Design program. Upon his graduation, I invited Peter to develop an identity for a new research project, The Mobile Digital Commons Network (MDCN). Peter developed the bird-in-flight logo making links to flight and mobility while at the same time making a deliberate attempt to avoid more conventional references to the technology. The flow of digital information is represented by abstract patterns made up of dotted and dashed lines of varying thickness. This visual strategy was later expanded to the all of the network identity materials including a website, symposium poster and graphic standards manual.

MDCN graphic standards manual includes all size and context variants of the logo wordmark, letterhead, all art files for the MDCN website, and instructions for their proper use in situ.

Peter’s work for the MDCN was featured in the Coupe 2005 Design Annual (No. 14).

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Format – The logo elements are filled in with discrete lines (representing digital information) of varying thickness and are dotted and dashed to create levels of "colour". The MDCN graphic standards package is made from electrostatic-foam padded box housing a computer CDROM tray recovered from defunct computers. The accompanying CD contains all the necessary art files for the project.
Size – Variable / 18cm X 7cm 25.5cm
Quantity – 10

Client: Michael Longford, MDCN
Design: Peter Crnokrak

webdesign: julien berthier| photography: michael longford|studio documentation: julie delisle